Ruston Smith - Team Leader/Cinematographer

The creator of Overlanding USA, Ruston had a dream of sharing accessible and realistic trips to the overland community.  Not all trips must have a massive budget and unlimited time, overlanding is simply doing the thing! 


Freddy Taul - Team Member/Master Route Planner

Freddy hails from LA, Lower Alabama, that is (War Eagle!). Growing up on the Gulf Coast afforded him many opportunities to experience and develop a love for the great outdoors. Freddy views overlanding as a platform to combine many of the outdoor activities he has come to love in life, such as off-roading, camping, and hiking.

Austin King - Team Member/Lead Adventurer 


I have always loved the outdoors and had always wanted a 4x4. My wife and I decided to purchase our Tacoma in February of 2015, and within a couple days and less than 200 miles on the truck, the tires hit the dirt. After that, we began planning camping trips. Our very first trip was an overlanding trip, before we even knew what overlanding really was.


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