Picacho Peak State Park

It's very rare that you can find truly breathtaking beauty only two miles off of a major interstate, and running between two of the most populous cities in a state.

Recently on our trip across this great country we got to experience one of these rare and amazing places! Picacho Peak State park is located a little over 40 miles north of Tucson, Arizona. Booking the stop some three weeks in advance and with absolutely no knowledge of the area we were not expecting too much from the little park, but boy were we wrong!

Picacho Peak is one of the most stunning places to date we have had the privilege of staying! It may have been our timing, setting up camp at 10pm and waking before sunrise the next morning, but we hit it just right! Thankfully or male husky Balto could not hold his bladder past 6am, this allowed us to make one of the most amazing sunrises that we have ever had the pleasure of seeing!

As the sun broke the horizon the golden oranges and reds start to blend with the Mars like surface of the mountains and surroundings, making it hard to distinguish where the sky begins and the ground ends! Being surrounded by the unique shape of Picacho Peak and the seemingly unlimited amount of Saguaro Cacti it was a truly amazing scene! We are truly jealous of the Saguaro Cacti as many of them have witnessed this amazing sunrise every day for over 100 years!

We let the morning drag on much later than intended, but we really couldn’t complain with the amazing scenery! After breakfast we started the journey out taking in the surroundings, only wishing we could have stayed longer! It will be a trip that will have to be made again!