“For the love of adventure we must go!” If you have ever visited the Overlanding USA website it is the first thing you have seen, but what does it mean?
Overlanding for us is a lifestyle, like it is for many of you. Overlanding can be many things to many different people, weather its difficult trails, a simple camping trip, or getting to travel across the country and the memories you make along the way, Overlanding is what you make it!
For me Overlanding is an escape, an escape from the everyday into the beautiful and unknown. Into the experience of the lifetime, just you and the people you choose to share it with weather they have 2 feet or 4 paws!
Here at Overlanding USA we want to build the overland community through communication. Communication of where you go and who you share the journey with! We have decided to take our chief slogan and turn it into a hashtag that can be used to allow you to share where you go and who you go with! #WeMustGo is a campaign to allow all of you in the Overlanding USA community to share where you and how you choose to overland!
The concept is simple! Get your official #WeMustGo sticker, slap it on your rig and take us all with you! Simply tag your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter posts with #WeMustGo and we will share it on The Overland Network page! Share your adventures with your fellow Overlander!