TreadWright: The Best Tire we have ever used!

We recently starting using TreadWright Guard Dog Mud terrain tire on our flagship 2015 Toyota 4runner.

TreadWright is a true blue American company based out of Houston Texas.  They use a process called re-casting tires where they take old casings from used tires, and apply freshly recycled rubber and press it into the molds they use for making their specific tire.

This is the exact same process as all other manufactures, only this way we get a tire that is made of 80% recycled material and a fraction of the cost.

We are currently running a 285/70r/17 tire on the 4runner.  In a short amount of time we have managed to put on some 10K miles, yes we drive a lot, but the truck is my daily driver.

After 10K miles with regular rotations every 5k miles we have noticed very little wear, especially for a mud terrain tire.  I am personally hoping to get 50k out of these tires, which would be amazing.

So we will break it down into on and off road performance

On road:

With over 85% of our miles being on road we were a little hesitant to put on such aggressive mud terrain tires thinking they would wear quickly.  So far we have been pleasantly surprised.  The Guard Dogs are loud, with a little higher pitch noise than other mud tires, but that is to be expected as aggressive as they are. Other than that they balance rather well and provide a very smooth ride for our daily commute to and from work.


We have put these tires through a beating.  Mud, sand, slick rock and even lava rock in Utah at full psi!  So far they have been nothing but spectacular. Coming from the world of all terrain tires I can comfortably say that we will be using a mud tire from now on and a mud tire from TreadWright at that.  The grip is just immense, especially when aired down.  The ride is sublime even over the most rugged terrain, giving us the confidence to move quickly and safely down the trail.  They also look bad-ass to! Fitting the aesthetic bill as an aggressive mud tire.

For us though they check all of the boxes with the sustainability and the fact they are made in America!  As overlanders we owe it to the world to be as conscious in our endeavors as possible.  We are driving vehicles and burning fuel in the woods after all.

For me the ability to use a tire that is recycled is a no brainer and a huge bonus.  Tire waste it becoming a true problem domestically and internationally as tires fill our landfills.  Other companies could take a note from TreadWright and their promise of sustainability.  They are a company we will continue to due business with in the future and a company we stand behind for many reasons beyond the product itself.  I can only hope you will to! 

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