In the beginning, this thing called Overlanding USA was developed out of 2 strong passions, cars and the outdoors. Both things are still true today!

The movement called Overlanding here in the US has taken on a life of its own, there is always the great debate, what is it exactly? I am not much of a fan of labels, they are much too confining and can tend to lead to burnout in the activity as I have experienced many times in my life.

Overlanding can be many things, it is after all, just a term to describe a base activity. To see remote places and enjoy the journey along the way. Never does it confine you to just one mean the only constraint is the “journey” and “destination” something that can be accomplished by so many means.

With that being said, we are going to change things up a little bit here at OUSA and take Overland based travel to the extreme, extrapolating the term out to its utmost.


The accepted definition of Overlanding is as follows, “Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal.”

Now we pose a question, where does it say it has to be with a 4x4, or in a vehicle, or on wheels at all? To us Overlanding is just that a conjunction of 2 base words “Over-Land.” Overlanding is the blanket term that defines a style of travel not an activity and therein lies the point.

Overlanding to us is many things, its travel via 4x4, its travel via dirt bike, hiking, climbing, biking, and yes, even canoeing, as believe it or not, that water is still over land! Okay that one may be stretching it a little, but I like my canoe, sue me.

Photo Nov 16, 10 32 01 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 10 31 37 AM.jpg

My point is, to limit overland travel to just one type of socially accepted and inevitably trend defined activity is to be in-just to the term itself, only extracting a small amount of what it is truly capable of.

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If you follow along with us because you like our trucks, or you like to see us talk about mods, that will still be there, but if you follow along because you like to see people on adventure, like to daydream about what is possible and places you can go no matter what form that takes then you are going to love our new direction!

Welcome to the new and Improved Overlanding USA!

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