Mojave Rd Spring Run



Okay, so it is time once again for the spring Mojave rd run! As usual we will be keeping to 6 trucks and 15 people to avoid permits. If you have any questions please post up and someone will answer!

-Meet up at Shell station off of Wagon Wheel at 6pm
-Convoy down into Laughlin together, stopping to get fuel.
-Camp at head of trail, we will not be starting at the river but rather where the trail crosses Needels Highway. 
-Camp Cordinates (35.054410, -114.685960)

-Depart camp by 8:30 long day ahead.
-Stops of intrest include
-Fort Piute
-School Bus (Stop for Lunch)
-Penny Tree
-Old Rock House
-Government Holes
-Cedar Canyon
-Mojave Mailbox (Tennative)
-Frog Shrine (Tennative)
*Note after government holes there is a more technical section of the trail. You will have the option for a bypass if you do not wish to attempt it. Link for video )
-Camp will be determined by pace. If we are moving well camp will be at some old Corrals by Aiken Mine Rd and the Lava Tubes. Location (35.175014, -115.775999) if pace is slower we will make camp at Mojave camp, Location (35.182049, -115.613908)

-Slower Morning depart by 9:30
-Stops include
-Mojave Mailbox (Tennative)
-Frog Shrine (Tennative)
-Lava Tubes
-Soda Lake
-Travelers Monument (stop for Lunch)
-Sand Dunes
-Afton Canyon
-Water Crossings
-Stop and air up between Zzyx rd exit and Barstow. (35.069587, -116.410936)
We should be done with the trail by 4pm on sunday.