Utah Traverse 


The second installment of our Guided Trips will be the longest and most ambitious of them all.  Come join us on an extended Memorial Day weekend trip as we cover some 500 miles of Utah back country, hitting some of the most famous and iconic natural wonders that Utah has to offer.

Current Trip List:
1. Susan Wright
2. Jake Hanner
3. Chester Gavarrete
4. Israel Franco
5. Teton X Trailers
6. Silver State Overland

Alternates List:
1. Christian Ramirez-vilchis
2. Juan Mondragon
3. Martin Ortiz
4. John Wright


-Day one will begin with a destination meet up just outside of  Duck Creek Village Utah, high in the Dixie national forest. --Location (37.518127, -112.646313)
-We will meet at 9am on that morning with a departure of 9:30am.
-From the meet up point we will work our way south east out of Dixie National Forest and into Grand Staircase.
-Through Grand Staircase we will end that section in Cannonville Utah before jumping onto Cottonwood Canyon Rd.
-Once out of Cottonwood, there will be a short stent on pavement until we reach Lake Powell.
-Night 1 camp will be at the scenic overlook of Alstrom Point.
-Camp location (37.060667, -111.364292)


-Day 2 will begin early as the trail ahead is long and slow.   
-From Alstrom Point we will drive the hour back to the main trail where we will continue around Lake Powell through open desert and into Hole-In-the-wall trail.
-This will drop us out just East of the town of Escalante, UT where we will get fuel.
-After we fuel up we head to Boulder, UT through amazingly scenic sections of road. 
-Once in Boulder we will jump on the Burr Trail.  This section of trail is famous for its section of switchbacks.
-Once down the switchbacks we head into Capital Reef national Park for a short while until we head due east into the Henry Mountains. 
-In the Henry Mountains is where camp for night 2 will be located. 
- Camp location ( 38.4005, -110.493247)


-Day 3 will be allowed to be slower morning start. Plan to leave camp around 9:00am
-From the Henry mountains we will decent from camp at 10k feet down to the town of Hanksville, UT, where we will refuel for a 50 mile section of pavement down to the other side of the Colorado River.
-From here we jump back on dirt and traverse what was Bears Ear National Monument into Blanding, UT where we can refuel again.
-From Blanding, we head south east to our terminous just outside of Montezuma Creek, UT.
-After MC we will be on pavement all the way into Valley of the Gods where we will camp for the night.
-Camp location (37.316864, -109.850533)


-Day 4 is desegnated for returning home.
-We will be within 20 minutes of Monument Valley for anyone that is interested in going. It will be on (my) return route home.