Weekend Utah Sight Seeing


This weekend will be pure touring!  Some of Southern Utah's finest!  Come join us on another great weekend adventure!

Current Trip List:
1. Kirk Smith
2. Matthew Lorenger
3.Aaron Brandes
4.Ryan Goodson
5. Michael Harvey

Alternates List:


-Meet up at the Loves gas station outside of Las Vegas at 6pm
-Depart by 6:30pm
-Stop for fuel in St. George, Utah
-From there convoy to Tourqorville Falls where we will camp for the night.

-Depart camp by 9:30
-From there we convoy to Parowan where we get fuel again.
-Depart from Parowan and head east to Bryce Canyon.  
-Lunch in Bryce Canyon while enjoying the views.
-From Bryce Canyon we head to Cannonville, UT where we take Cottonwood Canyon Rd to Big Water Utah.
-From big water we hit dirt until we reach the turn off for Alstrom point.
-It is an hour from the trail to the point where we will camp for the night.

-Break camp by 9am to begin the drive into Arizona for Horseshoe Bend.
- Visit Horseshoe Bend
-From Horseshoe we will depart back for Vegas or our perspective homes.


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