Weekend Warrior Series!

Season 2

Overlanding USA: Weekend Warrior Series S2 E1

The gang is back together! Kicking off season 2 in this short episode we make our way to the start of the trail where we will begin the Utah Traverse! On the way stopping by the Grand Canyon and passing through Monument Valley!

Overlanding USA: Weekend Warrior Series S2 E3

The final episode in the Utah Traverse series takes us from Lake Powell, through Grand Staircase and out through Zion!  Come along with us on this final leg of the trip!

Overlanding USA: Weekend Warrior Series S2 E2

Moving into day 2 of the Utah Traverse, we battle dead batteries, extreme elevation change, and over 200 miles of uncharted territory. But some say the adventure doesn't start until something goes wrong! Join us as we traverse some of the best terrain Utah has to offer! The Henry Mountains, Bears Ear National Monument, and more!


Season 1

OVERLANDINGUSA: Weekend Warrior series E1

Memorial Day weekend we headed up to Sequoia National Forest and ran the icon Monache Jeep Trail!

OVERLANDINGUSA: Weekend Warrior series E3

The American Adventuriest Weekend is calling and we are going!

OVERLANDINGUSA: Weekend Warrior Series E5.1

A journey down the Mojave Rd.

OVERLANDINGUSA: Weekend Warrior series E2

A trip through Big Bear California stretching over a weekend!  Accessible for most and achievable by all!

OVERLANDINGUSA: Weekend Warrior Series E4

Weekend trip through Joshua Tree and up into Big Bear with some great new friends!

OVERLANDINGUSA: Weekend Warrior Series E5.2

A journey down the Mojave Rd Pt. 2